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ABS plastik

Double-Sided plastic ABS

 Basic characteristics of ABS:

  • Have high stability on break and crashworthiness;
  • Chemically and humidity resistant;
  • Keeps properties at temperatures above 60°C;
  • It is cut with of a simple knife;
  • The engraving is made by the tool from fast-cutting steel or with use carbid mills;
  • The engraving surface is protected by a film;
  • Thickness of the top layer 3 microns;
ABS plastic

Structure of a surface: Matte, glossy, of textures, metallized.

Applications: The outdoor advertising, manufacturing of products of a information-communication direction. Manufacturing of tablets, indexes, information boards. Ideally approaches for a computer ultraprecise engraving.

Depth of an engraving: 0,08 mm.

Ways of processing: engraving, is sharp, has drunk, thermocurbing, hot punching, silk-screen printing..

Quantity of layers: 2.

Material: ABS.

Thickness: 1,5 mm.

Size of a sheet: 600 x 1200 mm.

 ABS plastic
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